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Building a New Home?  Save Money by Making it Energy Efficient!

It may be your dream home or the first house you will ever own. If you are building a new house, you have the opportunity to take the initiative even before construction begins to plan for the future.

By building a new house to be as energy efficient as possible, you are setting the stage for years of savings in utility costs while ensuring your home maintains a high level of comfort.

Contact Colorado Energy Analysts your RESNET certified energy auditor or rater to help work with your builder to plan your new home. They can help you design for maximum energy efficiency during the design and building process, which could save you thousands of dollars over the time you live in the house. Each room in a newly designed home can have features that will improve its overall energy efficiency.


For Kitchens:

Select Energy Star rated appliances: Kitchen appliances that have received the Energy Star rating of approval meet the highest standards of energy efficiency.

Install florescent lighting: The lights in your kitchen are used more than any other room in the house. By installing florescent lighting, you will reduce your electricity costs to keep your kitchen looking bright.

Seal the windows: Many modern kitchens have large windows or patio doors that lead onto the backyard or deck. By ensuring these windows are properly calked and sealed, you will prevent the warm kitchen air from escaping outside.


For Bathrooms:

Install low-flow showerheads: Reducing your water consumption through the use of energy efficient low-flow showerheads could save you several hundred dollars each year.

Install low-flow toilets: They are designed to use much less water than a conventional toilet.

Install proper ventilation  This will help eliminate humidity that will contribute to the build-up of mold and cause you problems later.



Install compact florescent light bulbs: They require less energy and last ten times longer than regular incandescent bulbs.

Install a programmable or motion sensing light switches.  This will allow you to turn off the lights even if you don’t make it home in time to do it yourself.

Install motion sensors: No need to keep that porch light on when no one is home. A motion sensor will light up the way for you when you arrive.


The opportunity for maximum energy efficiency is never so available than when you are building a new house. Contact a Certified Green Professional, CGP, who has the expertise and knowledge to help you a home that is both attractive and up to date with the latest technology in energy saving materials.

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