BPI Energy Assessment

Building Performance Institute Energy Assessment (Audit)

A Building Performance Institute - BPI  Energy Assessment is very popular, accurate and thorough assessment, includes everything in the Home Energy Survey,  a Usage and Energy Bill Analysis - We will ask to see your energy usage records.  If you don’t keep your bills, your utility company(s) can provide you an annual printout for the last 12-24 months.  Comparing your actual energy usage with expected usage (this is performed by computer modeling) and local weather date, it provides us another way to assess the overall efficiency of your home and its various systems.  Real time analysis!

 A RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP) will request a review of utility use and billing history to better understand potential opportunities for savings. A report of the complete assessment is provided, including basic recommendations for improving the home’s energy efficiency, as well as low-cost, do-it-yourself tasks. Also included is information on relevant utility-based programs to encourage the homeowner to take action. A Home Energy Survey takes approximately one hour to complete.

We will also perform diagnostic testing using specialized equipment, Blower Door to check the house for air leakage.  We have separated the BPI Assessment into Level 2 and Level 3 with different testing.  This allows you to customize your level of testing at a more affordable rate.


Level 2 - BPI Energy Assessment:

 This level includes the information in level 1:

Energy Survey Checklist executive summary

Check gas appliances for leaks - sniffer test




Building Envelope Inspection with Blower Door Testing

The amount and location of air leaks in the building envelope  - Blower door testing or zone pressure diagnostics and infrared cameras are used to create an air-sealing and insulation analysis in the scope of work.  This includes all areas of the home - the attic, the basement, the crawl space and the areas over the garage.  Software modeling is conducted to analyze the cost effectiveness of various improvements to these areas.


Utility Bill Analysis

Utility bill and usage review with cash flow analysis


Thermographic Infrared Cameras review:

The effectiveness of insulation inside walls and ceilings  - Thermographic analysis helps define

voids and missing insulation to where cold is entering the house and heat is leaving.


Combustion Safety Testing:

Any inspection of existing or potential combustion safety issues - Gas appliance inspection, carbon monoxide  (CO) combustion safety testing, flue draft pressure tests  is performed for appliances such as the furnace, water heater, gas fireplace, kitchen stove.


Electrical and appliance analysis:

Lighting and appliance survey, generate a light bulb schedule

and recommend low-wattage, CFL or LED lighting retrofits that do not sacrifice color

temperature or lumen output.


General Building Durability Inspection:

Review the general condition of the building with regards to building safety issues, water

management systems, Windows and Doors, Siding, flashing and painted surfaces.


HVAC System and ductwork:

Visual Inspection of furnace and ductwork checking for potential leakage areas, no formal

HVAC or Ductwork testing is performed. 


See Level 3   Advanced Energy Assessment fees for Duct Leakage Analysis and report which performs additional tests on the HVAC and Ductwork systems.


Our Building Performance Auditor (BPA) conducts a whole-house evaluation and performs computer software analysis to identify and prioritize proposed treatments for improvement. A detailed report will provide suitable retrofit recommendations and specifications, and direct the homeowner to suitable Professional Qualified Energy Contractors, like Scott Homes, Ltd., who can perform the work. A Building Performance Assessment takes 3-4 hours depending on the size of your home.


Deliverables to the Homeowner:

Computer Software Model Report

Executive Summary

BPI - Building Analysts Infrared Report

Energy Survey Checklist

Utility bill analysis with cash flow analysis

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