Preparing For A Hone Energy Assessment

Preparing for an Energy Audit or Assessment

An energy audit is used to gain deep insight into your home’s energy systems and your own energy use. An energy audit will give us a complete picture of how your house and family use and lose the energy you pay for. By providing our energy auditors with basic information and following some simple steps, you’ll give us insight that will aid us in our energy audit and help you create a more energy efficient home. For more information about our energy audits, contact us for a free energy efficiency consultation.


Information to Gather Before Your Energy Audit

Our energy auditors are best equipped to conduct energy audits when you share information about your energy use with us. Before your scheduled energy audit, make a list of any existing problems you have with your home, such as condensation or uncomfortable and/or drafty rooms. Try to gather copies or a summary of your home energy bills (gas and electric) during the past year or two. We’ll use this information to assess the cost-effectiveness of proposed energy upgrades.


Steps to Take Before Your Energy Audit

Stop all wood burning fires in the household for 24 hours. prior to your energy audit. Clean fireplaces and remove ashes.

Close and latch all exterior windows and doors.

Compile at least 12 months of past utility bills and have them handy.

Make note of broken or defective windows and doors.

Make all rooms, basement, and attic accessible.

Make water heater, AC units, boilers, and furnaces accessible.

Questions We’ll Ask You During Your Energy Audit

An energy audit usually takes 2-4 hours. In addition to performing diagnostic tests during this time, our energy auditors will also ask you some questions related to your energy use, such as:

Is anyone home during working hours?

What is the average thermostat setting for summer and winter?

How many people live in your home?

How is each room in your house used?


Feel free to walk through your home with our energy auditors as they work and to ask questions.

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