Thermographic Evaluation

Thermographic Evaluation - Infrared (IR) Camera

Thermal imaging scan, also known as thermography is a technique that uses infrared camera to measure a homes surface temperatures.  These IR cameras are sensitive to the infrared (heat) part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The images produced correspond to the temperature variations of the homes exterior walls and surfaces.  The resulting images help us to determine where heat is leaking and potential improvements needed to stop the leakage.

Our Energy Analysts have been trained and certified to conduct a comprehensive infrared analysis of your home.  Infrared analysis allows us to see heat leaks around such things as doors, windows, wall connections and pipe penetrations.  They show up as dark spots on an IR photo.


 The cameras help us identify missing insulation throughout your home, heat leakage areas, moisture issues, hot and cold spots, like faulty wiring and overall construction details as well.

We also analyze your windows to understand the efficiency of their insulation and UV coatings.  This will help us to determine the necessary and potential value associated with any window replacement.





There are different things that the IR camera can and cannot do:

IR Cameras CAN:

Detect the presence of inadequate or deteriorated insulation

Detection of air infiltration

Investigate water leakage


IR Cameras CANNOT:

Provide X-Ray vision

Provide Night Vision

Detect mold


Infrared photos are included in our IR reports which give the homeowner a much clearer picture of the problems discovered in their home. 

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