Duct Pressurization Testing

Duct Pressurization Leakage Testing Equipment

When your furnace system turn on the burner heats up and sir flows across the heat exchanger to create warmer air to transfer throughout your house to make it warmer.  The same thing occurs with the air conditioning system except the air flows over a cooling coil to create the colder air to transfer throughout your house.

If the ductwork system is properly sealed and Insulated as the air travels thru unconditioned space the air arrives to the room at the maximum temperature, the room is warmed or cooled and you get the maximum bang for your bang for your buck on your utility bills.  However, if the air leaks out into a crawl space, attic, floor area or wall, it never reaches the room and you spend more money than you need to heat or cool the space.

We test with auct Pressurization tool sometimes called a "Duct Blaster".  During this test we mask off your duct system to gain an insight of how tight the air conveyance system might be.  We then calculate the total volume and flow totals to convert the information into an energy loss calculation to see how much energy and money is wasted.  We can also use a party fogger to identify leaks that need sealing.  Some areas may be accessible and can easily be easily sealed with appropriate duct sealing tape or applied liquid sealant.  For areas that are not accessible a duct "aeroseal" product is available to seal the cracks in those inaccessible areas.  The aeroseal process involves pumping is a fog like product that seeks out the cracks and crevices of unsealed duct areas.  When it hits the air at the crack it becomes sold.  The process allows the hole to build on itself until it is completely sealed.  It will not attach to the ductwork or other surfaces. 


We also offer another test - The Duct Air Flow Balancer

This is a detailed analysis of your home’s ductwork to determine if critical component of your homes operating system is properly balanced and leaks air.  Air ducts play an critical role in the overall comfort of each room in your home.  Duct leaks can also have a major impact on the operating efficiency of your HVAC system.  This test measures the amount of air coming out of each duct vent and allows you to receive a complete report of the amount of air and the flow rate actually reaching each vent in each room.  Now you can determine the best way to balance the distribution system to make the colder rooms warmer and the warmer rooms cooler.

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