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Builders and the ENERGY STAR  Certification

To earn an ENERGY STAR  label, a new home must undergo a complete energy rating with on site performance testing at critical times of construction. At Colorado Energy Analysts, we help architects, designers and builders earn the ENERGY STAR  label by providing air sealing house insulation services and home rating (HERS) services to qualify new and existing homes for the ENERGY STAR  label. Contact us to discover how you can benefit from our ENERGY STAR certification services, which are outlined below.


How We’ll Help You Earn the ENERGY STAR Label:

Our certified experts help builders throughout the construction process for a new home by assisting with any of the following services:

  1. Performing a plan review of blue prints prior to approval and the commencement of construction
  2. Staff training in the office and in the field
  3. Suggesting design and material changes
  4. Duct leakage testing
  5. We use chemical smoke injected into the ductwork at HVAC rough-in to identify leaks
  6. Blower door testing to confirm the leakage of the building envelope
  7. Strategic home foam insulation locations and inspection to reduce air changes per hour (ACH)
  8. Insulation consulting services
  9. Thermal Bypass Checklist (TBC) ,This MUST be done before drywall, missing this inspection means you CANNOT earn the ENERGY STAR label
  10. Submitting ratings to provider and ENERGY STAR
  11. Listing builders on the ENERGY STAR website
  12. Supplying ENERGY STAR marketing materials to clients
  13. Earning tax credits for homes 50% better than the reference home

To learn more about our ENERGY STAR certification services, simply contact us to speak with our Colorado Energy Analysts expert.

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